Day 6 – A Knife In My Ears

The prompt for today… well two days ago was to look at the image  The Garden of Earthly Delights and to use this as inspiration. I was immediately drawn to the pair of ears with a blade stabbing through them.

A Knife In My Ears – 8/04/2020

Waking up to to the songs of birds,
It's so uplifting and so beyond words
A melody that gets broken before its time
As its destroyed by the noise of mankind.

The sound cuts through me,
Like a knife in my ears,
A blade of noise,
Taking me down,
Knocking me out,
Stealing my peace.

Silence is a blessing we don't often find,
Noise is a curse of our own making.
How do we keep the space between our ears clear,
So that we can get away from ourselves and start to hear?

The world slowly turns,
And humanity slowly learns,
That stopping and taking a step back
Might return to us the peace that we lack.

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