Day 5 – The Conscious Painting

The prompt for today was to include each of the following which seems to have resulted in something quite bizarre but I like it.

  1. Begin the poem with a metaphor.
  2. Say something specific but utterly preposterous.
  3. Use at least one image for each of the five senses, either in succession or scattered randomly throughout the poem.
  4. Use one example of synesthesia (mixing the senses).
  5. Use the proper name of a person and the proper name of a place.
  6. Contradict something you said earlier in the poem.
  7. Change direction or digress from the last thing you said.
  8. Use a word (slang?) you’ve never seen in a poem.
  9. Use an example of false cause-effect logic.
  10. Use a piece of talk you’ve actually heard (preferably in dialect and/or which you don’t understand).
  11. Create a metaphor using the following construction: “The (adjective) (concrete noun) of (abstract noun) . . .”
  12. Use an image in such a way as to reverse its usual associative qualities.
  13. Make the persona or character in the poem do something he or she could not do in “real life.”
  14. Refer to yourself by nickname and in the third person.
  15. Write in the future tense, such that part of the poem seems to be a prediction.
  16. Modify a noun with an unlikely adjective.
  17. Make a declarative assertion that sounds convincing but that finally makes no sense.
  18. Use a phrase from a language other than English.
  19. Make a non-human object say or do something human (personification).
  20. Close the poem with a vivid image that makes no statement, but that “echoes” an image from earlier in the poem.

The Conscious Painting – 5/04/2020

Loneliness is a forgotten piece of art
Screaming out to no one from the bottom of its heart

A paint pallette lies at the side of an easel
An image that on the whole seems peaceful
But tearing back the curtain shows something real
A set of paints that lets you paint how you feel
Paints that smell how each colour looks
But there’s no inspiration from worlds or books

Reach out and touch it and it disappears
Connect with it with more than eyes, hands and ears
A deep breath and the air overwhelms taste
Does this make any sense or is it all a waste?
“Dinnae be whitterin’ on about nought lad!”
Come the harrowing criticisms of my dad
“Wuts this poem aboot Jacky, are ye mad?”

Back to the solitary easel and the room in which its found
A room that feels so deeply emotionally drowned
Flooded with dark waters of disgust and fear
There’s no wildlife that could survive in here
But a repeated ridiculous lie just might
And that’s how lonliness can turn day into night

Loneliness is nothing like a forgotten piece of art
Art doesn’t lie and steal truth from the heart
Loneliness is a poison that turns the mind inside out
Eating the soul with painful shout after shout
The easel will still be a help though
The unnerving paint of lonliness will show

The arrogant brushes get up and start to dance
Laughing at pain and  misery with each and every glance
But control can still be taken and won
The artist is in charge not the medium
These colours may have been used for darkness before
But that is simply will not be the case anymore

Pull the plug and the loneliness drains away
This is in hand no matter what the voices say
It’s time again for Jacky boy to break this fourth wall
To make this poem mean something to us all
picking up the brushes and painting a symphony
A replica of the London philharmonic company
A painting that defies it’s gloomy setting
A painting that’s never worth forgetting

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