Day 3 – Apply

A little late on this one the challenge of using a list of 10 random words and googled rhymes stumped me at first. Here’s the list and there 10 rhyming counterparts

New brew
Indeed succeed
Crazy hazy
Easy queasy
Hotel hell
Pray grey
Team dream
Direct checked
Required desired
Reply try

Apply – 4/04/2020

Well it’s time to look for something new
So get out the laptop and pour yourself a brew
Open up Google go straight to Indeed
This time you hope you’re going to succeed

As you think about joining a new team
And how long this has been your dream
You go straight ahead and apply direct
Making sure each word and spelling is checked
You think carefully about each thing that’s required
And hope you meet all that’s desired
You send it off and quickly get a reply
They’ve said yes and want to give you a try

You travel to location and check into a hotel
Suddenly your stomach feels like hell
You never thought this would be easy
But now it’s the night before and you’re feeling queasy
The fact that your here is simply crazy
So you reach for a drink until things feel hazy
You wake up in the morning to skies grey
And the first thing you do is begin to pray
It’s time to go and begin your new start
So  go and fulfill the desires of your heart.

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