Day one – Putting on a suit

The first prompt of the month was to write about an action you don’t do very often. I thought about putting on a suit but honestly had no idea the direction that the poem would take in the end.

Putting on a suit – 1/04/2020

It’s time.
Where’s the polish?
Where’s the lint roller?
Where’s the hair spray?
Where are my black socks?

It can’t be time yet!
I need to brush my teeth
I need to iron my shirt
I need to tie my tie
I need to eat my cereal

How can it be time?
The kettles still boiling
I’ve not drunk my tea
The radios still blaring
The news carries on
The phones still ringing

It really can’t be time.
Where are my keys?
Where’s my wallet?
Where’s the address?
Where’s my jacket?
Where are you?

It must be time…
Because you’re not there
And I’m wearing my black socks
And my shirt and tie
And I’m sitting in a car
And I’m Wondering why
And you’re not there

It’s time
I’m with family
But you’re not there
I’m with friends
But you’re not there
I’m in your house
But you’re not there
I’m wearing your tie
But you’re not there

And now I’m on my own
And now you’re there
You’re in my mind
When I hear loose change
When I buy a newspaper
When I wear a flat cap
When I drink tequila
When I hear that song
That’s where you are.

It was time but it still feels wrong
It was time but I wish it wasn’t
It was time that took me by surprise
But at least now you’re there.

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